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Muicipality Of Gattaran

Welcome Gattaran

Political Map Of Gattaran

History of Gattaran

The town of gattaran was founded on May 20, 1623 during the Spanish Expedition in the Philippines through the leadership of Juan de Salcedo. Gattaran was discovered as one of the tribal communities along the Cagayan River situated between the towns of Tuguegarao, in the south and Aparri, in the north, during the colonization in 1572. The town of Nassiping, now a baranagy Gattaran was first established on June 15,1596, two years laters, on May 24, 1598, Dummun became another town, now also a barangay of Gattaran. Almost twenty-five(25) years when Gattaran became the third town. Gattaran celebrates the feast of their Patron Saint, SAINT CATHERINE OF ALEXANDRIA every 25th day of November

Objectives •To develop more Gattaran and seek ways as to how to preserve and maintain its wealth.
•To promote Gattaran itself as one of the leading tourist destination in the country. 

Tourism Philosophy
•Helping Gattareños to earn for a living and development of prospective destination without sacrificing its resources.

Other Facilities and Services Recommended:
•Food establishment
•Postal facilities and services
•Medical facilities and services
•Money exchange services
•Retail shop
•Crafts and souvenirs and personal services
•Tourism information services
•Public safety

Other Infrastructure
water supply
•when it comes to our water supply, our place use the traditional “well” in producing water. We will just connect a tank into it so that it is not difficult for us to fetch water and it is convenient.

Adequate telecommunication
•Through the presence of internet and mobile line tower transmitter, there will be no problem for communication system.
•Electricity in Cagayan is produce by CAGELCO

Proper waste disposal
•Collected waste will be segregated to each other by distinction of biodegradable into that of non biodegradable.

Proposed Superstructure
Accommodations – it should be locate either nearby into those tourist destination or within the vicinity of centro where there is adequate transportation going to each destination desire.
Marketing Aspect
-gattaran is truly rich in natural resources. It is where gattareños get their daily living. And as the year pass by gattaran became known to different tourist in many places and for the fact that tourist (domestically & internationally) goes every year in our place just to relax, unwind and be with nature. Because of the demand and purpose of tourist visiting in our place, we wanted to make their stay memorable and enjoyable as ever. That’s why we decided to develop more the attractions we’re offering and we identifies each according to their preference

Looking for something engaging, Gattaran offers you an impressive range of outdoor activities. It also has many natural attractions to offers, like:

Natural parks
Beautiful sceneries
River delta
Dense jungle
Lake, spring and falls
Rock formation (cave)

Tourism as they say is the pillar of the economy. That is why other country boom into riches. Realizing the reason encouraged us to adopt it . In doing so, we only need to have the so called “Proper Management”. This we think is the key into successful tourism. Proper Management in a way that we should put it into action and it must be address the process of conservation, development, restoration and preservation. We should have also an understanding of our nature so as to know how to properly maintain it while we developing it.


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